About Us

Who We Are
Sanalu Cleaning Service was founded in 2005 by Monica Romero Schultz. Monica got started by cleaning just one house. Today Sanalu Cleaning Service has many customers, and we appreciate each and every one!

Our Values
We believe in working hard and keeping commitments. We believe in treating you the way we want to be treated. We guarantee your satisfaction. In this business, as in any business, we cannot promise that every customer will be 100% satisfied every time. What we do promise, though, is that if ever you are unhappy with our service, we'll do anything in our power to make it right.

The Company Name
The name SA-NA-LU is derived from the first two letters of the name of each of Monica's three children: Santiago, Nathaly, and Luis. We think the name has a nice ring to it.

Oh, and we'd like to ask you something:

Sanalu Cleaning Service is proud to be based in the great city of Suwanee, Georgia.
Our Home Town

Sanalu Cleaning Service is owned by Monica Romero Schultz, who is endeavoring to build the best maid service in Atlanta.
Monica Romero Schultz

Sanalu Cleaning Service